The Story

Dear Shadow

The Atlanta Rock Band

With a sound that can largely be described as a cross between the technical riffs of modern progressive metal and the head banging  rhythms and compositions of  hard rock, Dear Shadow has established themselves as a welcomed hybrid among the many forms of modern rock and metal music. Formed in 2016, they are known for being a band of unity as their shows are referred to as gatherings. The intent is for all those who share a love for music to safely gather in kinship to enjoy the therapy that live music creates. Since the band's inception, they have released an ep entitled "Galvanize" that features fan favorites "Blue Insignia" and "Limbo". And after much anticipation they recently released their full length concept album titled "The Yin & Yang Realities."  They have been featured in articles by Voyage Atlanta and Shoutout Atlanta. They have been supporting acts for the bands Dead Girls Academy and The Veer Union. They have recently been interviewed by the Los Angeles music coverage company We Write About Music who stated that the new album is " a captivating and emotional experience that pushes the boundaries of progressive rock." They are currently in preparation for touring in support of the new album.


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